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Coaching & Consultations

Take advantage of Susan’s personal coaching by telephone or in person in NY City

Would you like to improve your social skills and be outrageously successful with the opposite sex?

Let Susan Rabin help you to...

  • Identify your stumbling blocks to flirting, dating and mating!
  • Overcome shyness.
  • Deal successfully with the fear of rejection & loneliness.
  • Improve your conversational and listening skills.
  • Learn how to tell if he or she is sending you a non-verbal invitation.
  • Improve your body language.

To avail yourself of Susan Rabin's coaching, contact her to request an appointment.

All information and conversations are held strictly confidential.

Free flirting tip sheet with any consultation!

A Unique Opportunity

How would you like to have Susan as your personal coach to observe your body language, approach techniques, conversational and listening skills, and much, much, more?  Susan is now offering you this unique experience.

Susan will accompany you around town to selected venues and watch you, advise you, critique you, and teach you how to become outrageously successful meeting persons of the opposite sex.

From now on let dating choices be yours!

Attend a prescreening and follow up session(s) till you feel ready to
go out on the town by yourself.

Sessions can be individual or shared with a friend.

For more information, please click on the “Contact Susan” button and let Susan know you are interested in her Out on the Town Coaching session.

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