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What is The School of Flirting®?

The School of Flirting® is a place for singles to comfortably mingle while mastering the charming and honest expression of interest in others. The School is New York City based and has traveled as far as Australia. Susan’s mission is to cure the disease of "seriousity", to help singles laugh, learn and love. The fun-filled evening includes comedy, improvisation, social games and dancing, as well as a talk by Susan on THE SECRETS OF POWER FLIRTING: BODY LANGUAGE AND THE SEXUAL SIGNALS OF ATTRACTION. Other session talks are: WHAT TO SAY AFTER HELLO, SILENCE IS SEXY, HE SAYS/SHE SAYS, AND ROMANTIC RENDEZVOUS.

The school helps singles achieve success in social and business relationships, conversation and listening skills. The school combines education and entertainment—its EDU-TAINMENT!

Contact Susan if you are interested in sponsoring the School of Flirting in your city.

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